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Bristol Bound offers a wide ranging spectrum of traditional hand crafted bookbinding skills. This can vary from student dissertation and thesis binding, to restoring family Bibles, to binding family memoirs and journals, to restoring a 1529 book of Seneca’s letter’s by the Froben Press or a copy of Raleigh’s History of the World. We also make up Artist’s books, photobooks, visitors books and can bind magazines or bind limited edition book runs. Our work includes corporate presentation bindings, tender bids and box making and we undertake projects for PR companies and graphic designers.

Bristol Bound are a friendly, traditional and family owned bookbinding business based in Southville, Bristol run by husband and wife team Richard and Rachel.
We aim to provide a professional and approachable service and are always happy to discuss your requirements.


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Bristol Bound Bookbinding

Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching a book cover to the resulting text-block. Before the computer age, the bookbinding trade involved two divisions. First, there is stationery or vellum binding which deals with making new books intended to be written into, such as accounting ledgers, business journals, and guest log books, along with other general office stationery such as note books, manifold books, portfolios, etc. Second is letterpress binding which deals with making new books intended to be read from and includes fine binding, library binding, edition binding, and publisher's bindings. A result of the new bindings is a third division dealing with the repair, restoration, and conservation of old used bindings. With the digital age, personal computers have replaced the pen and paper based accounting that used to drive most of the work in stationery binding. Today, modern bookbinding is divided between hand binding by individual craftsmen versus mass-produced bindings by high speed machines in a bindery factory. product-dissertation-bindThe craft of bookbinding probably originated in India, where religious sutras were copied on to palm leaves (cut into two, lengthwise) with a metal stylus. The leaf was then dried and rubbed with ink, which would form a stain in the wound. The finished leaves were given numbers, and two long twines were threaded through each end through wooden boards, making a palm-leaf book. When the book was closed, the excess twine would be wrapped around the boards to protect the manuscript leaves. Buddhist monks took the idea through Persia, Afghanistan, and Iran, to China in the first century BC. Similar techniques can also be found in ancient Egypt where priestly texts were compiled on scrolls and books of papyrus. Another version of bookmaking can be seen through the ancient Mayan codex; only four are known to have survived the Spanish invasion of Latin America.
Bristol Bound Bookbinding
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Bristol Bound Bookbinding
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We have just finished restoring a WW1 diary. Today's entry from the Battle of the Somme: #theBattleOfTheSomme #WorldWarOne
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Bristol Bound Bookbinding
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Good luck to students across the country on there forth coming degree shows. From Bristol bound bookbinding
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Bristol Bound Bookbinding
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Nice to know there is still a need for our bookbinding skills!!!!
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Bristol Bound Bookbinding
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Lots of work finished this week.
Various styles
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Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at 8:01pm
RT @fadesingh: Stunning print from Johann Jakob Scheuchzer's Physica Sacra (1731) showing the parabolic path of a comet, among other things…
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RT @AlembicBooks: Found a face peeking out of the spine of this #rarebook - it's an engraving on printer's waste used in the binding. #book
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RT @PolarOceanChall: BREAK OUT THE GOOD STUFF!! Weve just reached 9,500miles from #Bristol When we reach 10,000 we'll celebrate with cups o…

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